Pádel is Coming to Miami Beach

Have you ever hard of pádel?  Maybe you’re more familiar with its other name of “paddle”.  The relatively unknown sport is actually quite popular during the winter in country clubs or in courts that are heated.  A fusion of squash and tennis, it serves as a means for golfing and tennis aficionados to stay active […]

San Marco Island Rental

We have another stunning rental to showcase in the Venetian Islands, this one located on San Marco Island.  Located towards the west, San Marco Island is nestled between San Marino Island and Biscayne Island featuring an assortment of inland and waterfront homes on virtually all sides of the island neighborhood.  Unlike the other five Venetian […]

Summer and the Off-Season

Usually, around the time the holidays are over is when many people who live in cooler areas start to search for that idyllic escape, leading to an influx of snowbirds looking to escape the frigid winter season temperatures.  Even though summer is still several months away and spring has yet to happen, now is a […]

Miami Beach’s Streetcar Receives Approval

Traffic in and out of Miami Beach can be a tremendous headache, especially during the holidays or whenever events like the annual Art Basel are being held on the barrier island.  The MacArthur Causeway which provides one of the means of getting on and off the island can quickly become congested, especially with the current […]