South Florida Among the Top Buyer Markets

South Florida may be dealing with a shortage of inventory in single family homes and prices that continue to climb, yet the region remains among the top ten when it comes buyers and the odds of a successful price negotiation.  This is according to a recent report by popular online real estate database company Zillow […]

Telling Signs of a Peaking Condo Market

Unless it’s reported by a major news source and then shared on social media several times, the average homeowner or soon to be homeowner remains unaware of how the market may be doing, even if real estate professionals usually have a good grasp of the market climate before anyone else.  The following signs can, however, […]

French 27 Opens in Miami Beach

With the profusion of restaurants found throughout Miami Beach, the options are virtually endless when trying to figure out where you’d like to grab a meal, especially in the South Beach area.  From Latin food to American cuisine and more, the array of options is perfect for selective palates, and with the introduction of French […]

South Florida’s Condo Announcement Milestone

Real estate headlines have been mentioning all of the proposed activity set to happen to the east of Interstate 95 (I-95) in the tri-county area and recent news suggests developers are aiming high.  The 50,000 unit milestone has officially been surpassed during this real estate cycle that officially kicked off in 2011. Should each of […]

The Rise of Di Lido Island

The Venetian Islands are among the most in demand neighborhoods in South Florida, with each of the six islands having incredible properties for sale.  Though each of these islands maintains a high degree of desirability, the one that seems to be most active as of late is Di Lido Island, the third island from the […]