The Former Mayflower Hotel Will Soon Make History

South Beach’s West Avenue, 17th Street and Alton Road are quickly emerging as the preferred spot for boutique hotels looking to appeal to the hundreds of thousands of people that visit Lincoln Road every day.  Just recently a Residence Inn with 116 rooms located on 17th Street opened its doors near the northern edge of […]

San Marco’s Balinese Style Rental

Today we’re spotlighting another fine rental in the Venetian Islands, on San Marco Island.  San Marco Island is next door to Biscayne Island and San Marino Island and is positioned east and west.  The properties on the northern and southern sides have entirely unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay, Hibiscus Island, Palm Island, and more. The […]

Zaha Hadid’s Work and Its Value

The death of acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid caught many people by surprise and left a big hole in the architecture industry.  Her many contributions to architectural geometry, her innovative efforts in parametricism and her iconic design of the aquatic center for the London 2102 Olympic Games are just a few of the major contributions Hadid […]

New Single Family Homes to Undergo Review

Should architects and landscapers be allowed to sit in municipal committees?  That’s one of the exemptions being considered by Miami Beach commissioners in an effort to prevent less than attractive housing from blighting neighborhoods or a proliferation of vacant lots that only end up gathering mosquitoes. Commissioners are looking to pass an ordinance that would […]