Last Days of Miami Museum Month

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Miami Beach or neighboring Miami, you already know that both cities in rich and culture and are much more than just great beaches and lots of sparkling waterfront. The wealth of museums are incredibly varied, and they’re perfect for anyone seeking to enrich themselves with art and […]

Miami Makes the Top Ten

Miami’s status as one of the country’s most popular real estate hotbeds is well known to most people. From its numerous beachfront condos to its luxury communities celebrities, well-known public figures, and foreign investors continue to choose Miami and its neighbors like Miami Beach as the place to call home or a lucrative investment. A […]

Miami Beach Wants Greener Buildings

Climate change and reducing your carbon footprint are two major topics that are on more and more people’s minds these days, including the city of Miami Beach.  In fact, the city is now looking to make builders pony up some of the costs with a new ordinance.  This ordinance states that any structure larger than […]