Of the several Miami Beach islands, Hibiscus Island is part of the trio most drivers commonly see as they make their way through the MacArthur Causeway, one of the major roadways facilitating access to Miami and Miami Beach.  Hibiscus Island, however, provides a greater amount of privacy as it’s “hidden” behind Palm Island.  Just like its neighbor, however, Hibiscus Island is a waterfront paradise surrounded almost entirely by sparkling Biscayne Bay, with Fountain Street providing the means of getting on and off the lush island.  With its privacy, stunning homes and mansions and the ambiance, we have a property on the island we think you’ll love staying in.

The 145 South Hibiscus Drive property is four bedroom, three bathroom home that’s recently been renovated.  Even before you walk into the home, you’re going to be greeted by lush trees that create the perfect atmosphere.  Exploring inside and around the home you are going to find a contemporary kitchen featuring plenty of modern accents, heated swimming pool and jacuzzi, a covered outdoor patio, private garden, and so much more.  If you would like to rent this property, it is about $2000 a night.  Pets under twenty pounds are permitted.

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