padelHave you ever hard of pádel?  Maybe you’re more familiar with its other name of “paddle”.  The relatively unknown sport is actually quite popular during the winter in country clubs or in courts that are heated.  A fusion of squash and tennis, it serves as a means for golfing and tennis aficionados to stay active and have a sport to play when the weather becomes far too chilly, particularly in the northern states.

The weather has been unusually chilly here in South Florida as of late, but pádel courts are few and far between here and it remains a little known sport, though there are currently three clubs in Miami-Dade County.  That may soon be changing thanks to new plans to tear down a series of racquet and paddleball courts in Miami Beach’s Flamingo Park to make way for a pádel court.

Pádel has been around since the 1960s and is played on a smaller court than tennis.  The court has glass walls that are used to return the ball, it cannot bounce on the ground more than once.  Instead of the typical racquets seen in tennis, pádel uses fiberglass paddles containing small holes intended to hit the ball which looks very much like a tennis ball.  Unlike tennis that requires a significant amount of running, pádel requires less and is significantly easier for beginners to pick up.  The sport is played in doubles.

Have you ever played Pádel and if so, will you be playing in Flamingo Park?

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