The U.S. stock market saw a considerable amount of volatile activity during the summer season.  With concerns about the world economy, tumbling commodity prices and potential increases in interest rates, the stock market has been something of a rollercoaster ride, figuratively speaking.

During all of the stock market activity, real estate was considered to be a safer bet for investors, at least until recently.  Now, investors are opting for what’s called “brick and mortar” assets that can continue to produce annual returns and, perhaps most importantly, maintain their value.  When commercial real estate is out of the question for investors because of disinterest, cost, or lack of financial qualification, residential real estate becomes a viable alternative, particularly condominium properties.

Residential real estate provides the flexibility of easy leasing to tenants, particularly since rents remain high and prospective buyers are still facing hurdles when applying for and being approved for a mortgage.  These developments come during a time when transactions for condos have decreased, and the supply of new and existing units for purchase continues to grow east of Interstate 95 in all three counties.

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