waterfrontHomeUsually, around the time the holidays are over is when many people who live in cooler areas start to search for that idyllic escape, leading to an influx of snowbirds looking to escape the frigid winter season temperatures.  Even though summer is still several months away and spring has yet to happen, now is a great time to start considering a beachfront home purchase you can use as a summer home or a way to pay off mortgage by renting it out.

Why buy a home now when we’re still in the middle of summer?  It comes down to choice.  During the off-season, buyers will have a greater amount of leeway which means that even if inventory is currently low, there are fewer buyers for what’s available on the market, thus allowing the buyer the upper hand.  Since it’s the off-season, it’s also a great time to reach out to a contractor should your property require an upgrade or a certain repair.  This is particularly important if you have plans to potentially lease the home.

Currently, Miami Beach is one of the top waterfront real estate markets with a median list price of $569,000.

This update is brought to you by Miami Beach waterfront rentals, spearheaded by Miami Beach real estate agent and broker Julian Johnston.  We provide information on homes and condos throughout the barrier island including the Miami Beach Islands, and you can easily customize your rental search by price and the dates you’ll be staying.  Call 786-408-0322 for more information on rental properties in Miami Beach and beyond.