1000museumThe death of acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid caught many people by surprise and left a big hole in the architecture industry.  Her many contributions to architectural geometry, her innovative efforts in parametricism and her iconic design of the aquatic center for the London 2102 Olympic Games are just a few of the major contributions Hadid left behind.

Similar to how artwork tends to rise in its value upon the death of an artist, Hadid’s passing may also raise the value of the developments she was responsible for creating.  For example, the upcoming One Thousand Museum in Miami set to open in late 2017 has suddenly seen a huge influx of attention since Hadid passed away.  This building is only one of several projects Hadid was responsible for that’s currently grabbing increased attention.  She also designed the 520 West 28th Street condominium in New York’s Manhattan where the asking prices for the penthouse can cost up to $50 million.

Besides her many contributions to architecture, Zaha Hadid was also recognized for her work, she was bestowed Pritzker Award.  This award is often considered to be the architecture equivalent of winning the Nobel Prize.

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